About Us

Truong Quach, MD

After completing medical school and residency in 2006, Dr. Quach had started training in medical esthetics.  Due to obligations, he went on to serve with the US Air Force in the field of aerospace medicine and worked in hospital medicine.  After fulfilling his duty, Dr. Quach was extremely enthusiastic about resuming work in medical cosmetics.  He went on to establish the clinic at Defy Medical Cosmetic in Corona, California. 

Dr. Quach has received additional training in aesthetic, ultrasound, and laser procedures.  Meanwhile, he continues to monitor for the latest development in medical cosmetics.  Dr. Quach aims to provide personalized treatment plans to clients wanting for that age defying, natural, and youthful appearance.  He is also a strong advocate for the overall health and wellness of the client.   

Trisha Diep
Manager/ LE

Trisha has been a licensed esthetician for over 10 years and has a natural passion for improving the beauty, health, and overall well-being of everyone she meets. Trisha is also a certified Semi-Permanent Make-Up Artist and Eyelash Technician. Trisha strives to expand her education and experience in aesthetics, including her training and certification with Epicuren, the award-winning skincare company. 

Trisha has also received the most up-to-date and advanced training for ultrasound therapy for skin tightening and is a certified Ultherapy® technician. In addition to her love for her profession, she is also a proud mother to two wonderful kids.




Alyssa Jones
Client Care Coordinator

Alyssa is currently attending school and is interested in world history.  She works with the clinic on a part-time basis.  She helps coordinate client’s scheduling, checking in, and finalizing care plans.  

Alyssa is still undecided about her future career path.  

Dao Nguyen
Expert Phlebotomist

Dao has extensive experience having worked in laboratory services at a busy OC Hospital.  She has over 20 years of experience in performing blood draws and diagnostics.  Her presence allows us to provide the most assured and comfortable experience in procedures such as PRP and PRF.  

She shares our enthusiasm in providing excellence in providing medical esthetic care.

Jenny Diep
Clinical Assistant

Jenny has over 9 years of experience as a nurse.  Her career in the field of aesthetics and wellness has been rewarding and fulfilling.  She loves to help clients feel youthful and get more confident through wellness and aesthetic treatments.  Her passion is to educate clients to take care and maintain themselves through proper services and treatments.  Jenny strives to do her best in anything she sets her mind to.  This includes providing top quality service to her clients.